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Vacuum degassing furnace
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Ultra-high vacuum degassing equipment

Ultra high vacuum degassing equipment is mainly used for vacuumizing and baking degassing in X-ray tube preparation. It is an oil-free and ultra-high vacuum system. It has the characteristics of no oil vapor pollution, fast exhaust speed, high vacuum limit, and has the functions of automatic alarm and protection when water and power are cut off. According to the user's requirements, 1 ~ 8 stations can be customized, which can be used in the electronic semiconductor industry.
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Vacuum degassing equipment for thin film heater

The equipment is mainly used for vacuum baking and degassing of film heating plate, and can effectively control, monitor and record the vacuum degree and temperature in the test process. The whole equipment adopts molecular pump and mechanical pump as the pumping pump group, and adopts advanced PID temperature controller to control the temperature. The equipment has high vacuum degree, easy temperature control, good uniformity, stable and reliable long-term operation, and simple operation Single. It can be used in vacuum degassing test of various aerospace products.
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Vertical high temperature vacuum degassing equipment

The main function of the equipment is to degass the components and components of metal materials under high temperature and high vacuum (below 850 ℃), and remove the gas adsorbed on the surface of materials and intergranular. At the same time, the equipment can also be used for silver copper welding of small size copper and stainless steel parts (1200 ℃). Two heating zones with different temperatures and structures are set up in the system, and different heating zones are selected according to different uses to save energy and protect environment. It has the characteristics of wide application field, safe and reliable, high control precision and so on.
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