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Other leak detection application systems
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Air-conditioning coaxial pipe leak detections

Used for leak detection of aerospace connectors.
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Leak detection in the nuclear power industry

Application background
   Application of nuclear fuel rod sealing performance testing.
working principle
  Using vacuum helium mass spectrometry analysis method, the whole fuel rod is leaked.
  Main performance characteristics
   1. Automatic leak detection without manual intervention;
  2, the accuracy of leak detection is extremely high;
  3, with data recording analysis, remote monitoring functions;
Product name

Fluorinated Oil Leak Deteciton Device

Application background
   Helium fluorine oil pressurized leak detection device is a set of automatic leak detection device for the detailed and rough inspection of semiconductor devices, integrated circuits, electronic products and other electronic components. It can be used in conjunction with a helium mass spectrometer leak detector and a heavy fluorine oil heater to perform the entire fine inspection and rough inspection process of electronic components.
working principle
   1. Helium pressurization fine inspection of components
   First put the components in a pressurized sealed container. If the components leak, helium will be pressed into the cavity. After the components are taken out, they are put into a vacuum container, and the helium quality is used for leak detection.
  2. Fluorine oil coarse leak detection of components
   Put the components under inspection into a pressure vessel, inject low-boiling fluorine oil, submerge the workpiece, and pressurize it for a certain period of time. After the pressurization is complete, take out the test piece, and then immerse it in the heated heavy fluorine oil to observe the bubbles. If bubbles are found, it can be judged as unqualified.
The main technical parameters:
  1. The background vacuum of the pressurized tank is better than 50Pa;
  2, vacuum measurement: thermocouple meter;
  3, inflation pressure: ≤1.0MPa;
  4, heating temperature: 125℃ ± 5℃;
  5. Heating time: from room temperature to 125℃ ≤30 minutes;
  6, working voltage: 220VDC 50Hz
  7, instrument power: 1.5KW (heating power: 0.4KW);
   8. Lighting lamp: 12VDC 10W;
   9. Helium tank size:
  Φ157×246, unit: mm;
  10. Nitrogen tank size:
  Φ157×246, unit: mm;
  11, filter oil tank filter particle size: ≤5μm;
Product name

Multi-station leak detection exhaust station

It is used for vacuum exhaust and leak detection of insulation Cup, bellows, solar collector tube, radiator, etc. The system is equipped with auxiliary evacuation system and multi station design, which can quickly realize the simultaneous leak detection of multiple products and greatly improve the production efficiency.
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