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Long-life vacuum test device
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Long life test equipment

6 containers share a set of vacuum pumping system, each pump in the vacuum unit can work for all or part of the container, reflecting the concept of backup design, each container has independent valve control, which can work independently or at the same time . This equipment is mainly used for low-pressure discharge test of space moving parts, high-vacuum long-life test, and has the characteristics of high degree of automation, simple and convenient operation, and stable and reliable long-term operation.
  Technical performance
  1. Vacuum degree: ultimate vacuum degree 5×10-5Pa, working vacuum degree≤1×10-3Pa;
  2. Vacuum chamber size: φ600×800mm;
  3. Station: 6 stations, which can run simultaneously or independently;
  4. The degree of automation is high, and one machine can be used for multiple purposes;
   5. The equipment has been running continuously for 12 years.
Product name

Thermal vacuum test

Four containers share a set of vacuum system. Each pump in the vacuum unit can work for all or part of the containers, reflecting the backup design concept. Each container has an independent temperature regulation system. A set of equipment can test products with different temperature requirements at the same time, and the relevant test data are analyzed and studied. Four independent vacuum chambers can work simultaneously and independently. The system has the functions of low pressure test, thermal vacuum test, thermal balance test and long life test.
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