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Coating system for scientific research
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General Magnetron Sputtering Coating Machine

Magnetron sputtering coater is the most widely used PVD deposition equipment, which can be used for various single-layer, multi-layer and doped films. It can be coated with hard films, metal films, alloys, compounds, semiconductors, ceramics, dielectric composite films and other chemical reaction films, and can also be coated with ferromagnetic materials. The equipment is mainly used for the preparation of optical, electrical, photoelectric and other functional films in the laboratory, as well as the preparation of catalyst films for the growth of nano materials. The equipment is widely used in Colleges and universities and related scientific research institutions.
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Multi-target vertical magnetron sputtering coating machine

The equipment can deposit single metal, alloy, various dielectric films and multilayer films; it is mainly used for R & D and small batch production of various functional films (wear-resistant, anti-corrosion, conductive film, insulating film, etc.) deposited on the surface of Φ 150 - Φ 500 hub type metal and non-metal parts.
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Double-chamber multifunctional magnetron sputtering coating machine

The device is used for deposition of various monolayers, multilayers and doped films. It can be plated with hard film, metal film, alloy, compound, semiconductor, ceramic film, dielectric composite film and ferromagnetic material. As shown in the figure, the coater has two chambers, sharing a high vacuum system. In order to avoid cross contamination, one chamber can realize electron gun / resistance evaporation coating, and the other chamber can realize sputtering coating.
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Double-chamber four-target magnetron sputtering coating machine

The equipment is used to deposit metal film, ceramic film, dielectric film, etc. by magnetron sputtering. Users can choose the working mode of single target independent working, four targets rotating working or four targets arbitrarily combined co sputtering according to the needs of the process. The equipment consists of two vacuum chambers, the main chamber and the preparation chamber. The main chamber is used to finish the main coating process. The preparation chamber is connected with the main chamber through a high vacuum gate valve, which can be used for plasma cleaning of the substrate before and after coating, and can replace the substrate without destroying the vacuum of the main chamber.
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Resistance thermal evaporation coating machine

The equipment is a high vacuum multi-purpose resistance evaporation coater. Four pairs of electrodes can evaporate different materials individually or simultaneously. The equipment is vertical top open cover structure, four pairs of electrodes can be evaporated individually or together, the sample is Φ 300 (max), the sample table rotates freely, and the revolution speed is adjustable from 2 to 20rpm; the flowmeter controls the gas flow to meet the requirements of ion bombardment pressure.
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Thermal evaporation and magnetron sputtering coating machine

The equipment has the functions of thermal evaporation and magnetron sputtering in the same vacuum chamber, and can be used for deposition of various single-layer films, multi-layer films and doped films; it can be used for plating various hard films, metal films, alloys, compounds, semiconductors, ceramic films, dielectric composite films, and ferromagnetic materials.
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Multi-arc + magnetron sputtering composite coating machine

The device can deposit metal, alloy and various dielectric films, and can be used for reactive sputtering. It is also used for the research and development of hard films, decorative films and other functional films.
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