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Vacuum leak detection system
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Air-conditioning coaxial pipe leak detections

Used for leak detection of aerospace connectors.
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Gas insulated metal enclosed transmission line pipeline leak detection system

Applied to 1000kV AC UHV integrated pipe gallery project. This equipment mainly conducts non-destructive leak detection for high-pressure pipelines in this project.
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Air conditioning evaporator leak detection system

It is used for air-tightness detection of automobile air-conditioning evaporator, with high accuracy, fast leak detection cycle, qualitative and quantitative display of the leakage of the workpiece, simple operation and maintenance, and suitable for production lines.
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Air conditioning condenser leak detection system

It is suitable for air-tightness detection of automobile air-conditioning evaporator, with high accuracy and fast leak detection cycle. It can display the leakage of the workpiece qualitatively and quantitatively. It is easy to operate and maintain, and is suitable for production lines.
technical parameter
  1. Leak detection beat: faster than 40 pieces/sec;
   2. The highest inflation pressure: 5Mpa;
   3. Helium recovery rate: ≧98%
   4. The minimum detectable leak rate: 0.1 g/year
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Air conditioning liquid reservoir leak detection system

It is suitable for helium leak detection in automobile air-conditioning reservoirs. The number of stations can be set according to user requirements. The efficiency is greatly improved when the pumping unit, helium mass spectrometer leak detector and helium filling recovery system are shared. Compared with the single station system Said that it can effectively reduce costs and improve production efficiency while increasing the investment of very little equipment.
technical parameter
  1. Leak detection beat: faster than 60 pieces/sec
   2. Helium pressure showing leakage: 0-1.2MPa (adjustable)
   3. Helium recovery rate: more than 98%
  4. Leak detection index: better than 1g/year
Product name

Gas Bellows Leak Detection Application System

Zhongke Kemei produces vacuum helium leak detection equipment, using helium mass spectrometry to provide a complete set of solutions for the non-destructive testing of gas bellows sealing performance, which can effectively solve various existing problems.
Product name

Air-conditioning compressor leak detection equipment

Used for leak detection of vehicle air-conditioning compressor
Product name

Leak detection system for automobile hydraulic torque converter

There is no clutch between the engine and the gearbox of an automatic transmission car. The connection between them is realized by a torque converter. The hydraulic oil inside the torque converter will seriously affect the transmission effect if it leaks. Leak test must be performed before leaving the factory.
   The testing equipment has the following advantages:
   High degree of automation: fully automatic assembly line, manipulator loading and unloading, leak detection
  No manual intervention required
   Fast detection cycle: less than 60 seconds/piece
   High detection accuracy, minimum leak detection 1×10-7 Pa·m 3/s
  Helium recovery rate: ≥98%
  With barcode scanning, data logging, fault logging, label printing, etc.
Product name

Ceramic electrode, battery case leak detection system

It is used to test the sealing performance of ceramic electrodes, lithium battery shells and cover plates.
   performance characteristics:
  1) Special tooling design, can detect multiple workpieces at the same time;
  2) Special helium cover design ensures uniform helium spray;
  3) Dedicated helium cleaning function to reduce the environmental impact on the system background;
  4) Fast detection cycle: 5 seconds/piece;
  5) High detection accuracy, minimum detectable leak <1×10-8Pa.m3/s;
Product name

Relay Leak Detection Application System

1. According to different needs, inflate the product: choose the atmosphere: hydrogen, nitrogen, helium or other inert gases;
  2. Inflation pressure: <0.4MPa, with pressure gauge display;
   3. Clamping: Separate the product from the equipment.
   4. Remove the residual gas leading to the product pipeline, and exhaust the next batch of products.
  5. Number of stations: 5, which can work individually or in any combination of stations. Each set of sealing fixtures is equipped with an independent solenoid shut-off valve, which can independently control the sealing fixtures of each station;
  6. ​​Exhaust interface: Exhaust pipe diameter φ 4×50, which needs to be quickly connected to the exhaust workbench interface.
  7. Vacuum: the ultimate vacuum of the main system reaches 5×10-6 Pa;
   8. The vacuum system is an oil-free system, using magnetic levitation molecular pumps, dry mechanical pumps, and vacuum pumps using imported brands;
  9. All vacuum parts involved strictly abide by the ultra-high vacuum manufacturing process. Every pipeline and every valve undergoes strict leak detection, cleaning and degassing to ensure no pollution, and the leakage rate is less than 1x10-9 Pa.m3/s.
  10. Inflation system: It is composed of an inflation main valve, a pressure gauge, etc. The inflation system pipeline is manufactured according to ultra-high vacuum technology
Product name

Leak detection system for gas insulated cabinets and ring mains cabinets

It is suitable for leak detection and SF6 gas filling of the complete machine or gas chamber of 12-40.5Kv gas insulated switchgear (C-GIS) and 7.2-12Kv ring network cabinet products. During leak detection and gas filling of the system, always keep the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the vacuum box of the workpiece and the equipment within a certain range to prevent the deformation of the workpiece. The system uses the helium mass spectrometer leak detection principle for leak detection, and judges whether the inspected workpiece is qualified or unqualified through related devices. The applied helium is recycled and reused, and finally filled with SF6 insulating gas under vacuum.
Product name

Leak detection system for high voltage switch case

The aluminum casting shell of high-voltage SF6 switchgear often forms blisters due to casting defects, and the leak hole structure is complicated and difficult to clean. Once it leaks, it is difficult to find the leak point using conventional methods. This system adopts helium mass spectrometry leak detection technology to perform integral leak detection on the cast shell. It has many advantages such as high detection accuracy, fast tempo, and good reliability, which effectively guarantees product quality.
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