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Leakage detection system in power industry
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Gas insulated metal enclosed transmission line pipeline leak detection system

Applied to 1000kV AC UHV integrated pipe gallery project. This equipment mainly conducts non-destructive leak detection for high-pressure pipelines in this project.
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Leak detection system for gas insulated cabinets and ring mains cabinets

It is suitable for leak detection and SF6 gas filling of the complete machine or gas chamber of 12-40.5Kv gas insulated switchgear (C-GIS) and 7.2-12Kv ring network cabinet products. During leak detection and gas filling of the system, always keep the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the vacuum box of the workpiece and the equipment within a certain range to prevent the deformation of the workpiece. The system uses the helium mass spectrometer leak detection principle for leak detection, and judges whether the inspected workpiece is qualified or unqualified through related devices. The applied helium is recycled and reused, and finally filled with SF6 insulating gas under vacuum.
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Leak detection system for high voltage switch case

The aluminum casting shell of high-voltage SF6 switchgear often forms blisters due to casting defects, and the leak hole structure is complicated and difficult to clean. Once it leaks, it is difficult to find the leak point using conventional methods. This system adopts helium mass spectrometry leak detection technology to perform integral leak detection on the cast shell. It has many advantages such as high detection accuracy, fast tempo, and good reliability, which effectively guarantees product quality.
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On-column switch leak detection system

This system is mainly used for dry leak detection of power SF6 pole switches. Large leaks are detected by vacuuming and maintaining pressure on the workpiece and vacuum box simultaneously, filling the tested workpiece with helium after being qualified, and judging whether there is a slight leak through the helium mass spectrometer leak detector, and recovering the helium in the tested workpiece after being qualified Recycle, and finally fill the workpiece with SF6 gas. If a slight leak in the workpiece is detected, it needs to be transferred to a fixed point and then leaked.
  The helium leak detection equipment has an automatic roller line, which is connected to the user's unpowered production line, and can automatically transport the workpieces into and out of the vacuum box of the helium leak detection equipment to the side-out fixed-point waiting station.
   If the workpiece is confirmed qualified by the helium leak detection equipment, the equipment can display and save various parameters of the operation process and test, and the workpiece can be automatically sent back to the production line after the leak detection and inflation are completed.
If the workpiece is leaked through detection, the equipment can accurately determine the leak rate of the workpiece, automatically fill it with helium, and then send it to the production line, and then send it to the leak detection station through the production line. The leak detector is used to sniffer the leak. Determination.
   performance characteristics:
  1) Two-station configuration detects one piece per box;
  2) The pressure difference between the inside and outside of the workpiece: ≦0.03Mpa (settable)
  3) Leak detection accuracy: ≦0.5%/year leak rate
  4) SF6 gas pressure: 0.035Mpa (gauge pressure)
  5) Helium filling pressure: 0.03Mpa (absolute pressure)
  6) Helium recovery rate: ≧98%
  7) Leak detection cycle: ≦7 minutes/piece
  8) Automatic clamping, especially suitable for assembly line operation;
  9) Barcode scanning, data storage and query functions;
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Lightning arrester leak detection system

This system can carry out helium leak detection for metal oxide arresters and similar products. The detection method is reliable and effective, and the structure is novel.
technical parameter
  1) Leak detection beat: 5 pieces/minute;
  2) The minimum detectable leak rate: ≦1x10-8Pa·m3/s;
  3) With automatic air mixing function;
  4) With the functions of air inflation outside the box, leak detection inside the box, and fixed-point leak detection;
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