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Gyro preparation process equipment
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Ultra-high sensitivity gyro leak detection equipment

The ultra-high sensitivity leak detection equipment can make the leak detection chamber reach ultra-high background by pumping gas with molecular pump, and the suction pump can extract the hydrogen molecules remaining in the leak detection chamber, and the quadrupole mass spectrometry can detect all helium leaked from the workpiece, so as to improve the leak detection sensitivity of the gyroscope and the control accuracy of the gyroscope. The minimum detectable leakage rate of the system can reach 1 × 10-13pa · m3 / s. This equipment is suitable for ultra-high sensitivity leak detection of gyroscope, infrared detector dewar and other micro precision devices.
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Gyro automatic welding station

The gyro automatic welding platform is mainly used for baking and degassing inertial gyroscopes such as accelerometers in high vacuum environment, accurately controlling the distribution ratio of charging group and laser micro hole welding sealing. The equipment is an important process equipment of accelerometer and other inertial gyroscope in the production process. The equipment adopts dry pump and grease lubricated molecular pump, which can avoid oil pollution to the device and ensure the accuracy and quality of gyroscope equipment.
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Gyro drip station

This set of equipment has the functions of vacuumizing in vacuum chamber, oil cup heating, oil cup separate pumping, workpiece heating, workpiece oil filling, etc., which can realize the accurate control of gyro oil filling. It can be used in gyroscope, precision instrument, precision sensor and transmitter which need to be filled with high purity oil.
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Vacuum welding equipment

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Gyro vacuum filling helium welding equipment

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Special detection system for gyroscope

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Ultra-high vacuum degassing equipment

Ultra high vacuum degassing equipment is mainly used for vacuumizing and baking degassing in X-ray tube preparation. It is an oil-free and ultra-high vacuum system. It has the characteristics of no oil vapor pollution, fast exhaust speed, high vacuum limit, and has the functions of automatic alarm and protection when water and power are cut off. According to the user's requirements, 1 ~ 8 stations can be customized, which can be used in the electronic semiconductor industry.
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Helium-filled vacuum system

The helium filled vacuum system is mainly used for vacuumizing, degassing and inflating in the preparation of the components of the helium optical pump magnetometer. It is an eight position, oil-free ultra-high vacuum system. It has the characteristics of oil-free steam pollution, fast exhaust speed, high vacuum limit, and automatic alarm and protection for water and power failure. When the system pressure is higher than the upper limit of the vacuum pump, the vacuum pump and vacuum gauge have the function of automatic shutdown protection. It is applied to the scientific research in the field of military magnetic sensor.
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