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Relay Leak Detection Application System
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Relay Leak Detection Application System

1. According to different needs, inflate the product: choose the atmosphere: hydrogen, nitrogen, helium or other inert gases;
  2. Inflation pressure: <0.4MPa, with pressure gauge display;
   3. Clamping: Separate the product from the equipment.
   4. Remove the residual gas leading to the product pipeline, and exhaust the next batch of products.
  5. Number of stations: 5, which can work individually or in any combination of stations. Each set of sealing fixtures is equipped with an independent solenoid shut-off valve, which can independently control the sealing fixtures of each station;
  6. ​​Exhaust interface: Exhaust pipe diameter φ 4×50, which needs to be quickly connected to the exhaust workbench interface.
  7. Vacuum: the ultimate vacuum of the main system reaches 5×10-6 Pa;
   8. The vacuum system is an oil-free system, using magnetic levitation molecular pumps, dry mechanical pumps, and vacuum pumps using imported brands;
  9. All vacuum parts involved strictly abide by the ultra-high vacuum manufacturing process. Every pipeline and every valve undergoes strict leak detection, cleaning and degassing to ensure no pollution, and the leakage rate is less than 1x10-9 Pa.m3/s.
  10. Inflation system: It is composed of an inflation main valve, a pressure gauge, etc. The inflation system pipeline is manufactured according to ultra-high vacuum technology
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