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Automotive Leak Detection Application System
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Leak detection system for automobile hydraulic torque converter

There is no clutch between the engine and the gearbox of an automatic transmission car. The connection between them is realized by a torque converter. The hydraulic oil inside the torque converter will seriously affect the transmission effect if it leaks. Leak test must be performed before leaving the factory.
   The testing equipment has the following advantages:
   High degree of automation: fully automatic assembly line, manipulator loading and unloading, leak detection
  No manual intervention required
   Fast detection cycle: less than 60 seconds/piece
   High detection accuracy, minimum leak detection 1×10-7 Pa·m 3/s
  Helium recovery rate: ≥98%
  With barcode scanning, data logging, fault logging, label printing, etc.
Product name

Ceramic electrode, battery case leak detection system

It is used to test the sealing performance of ceramic electrodes, lithium battery shells and cover plates.
   performance characteristics:
  1) Special tooling design, can detect multiple workpieces at the same time;
  2) Special helium cover design ensures uniform helium spray;
  3) Dedicated helium cleaning function to reduce the environmental impact on the system background;
  4) Fast detection cycle: 5 seconds/piece;
  5) High detection accuracy, minimum detectable leak <1×10-8Pa.m3/s;
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