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Liquid nitrogen refrigeration type
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Liquid nitrogen refrigeration environment simulation equipment

The temperature guarantee system of liquid nitrogen refrigeration loop equipment is mainly composed of liquid nitrogen system, heat sink and heating cage. It uses liquid nitrogen as refrigerant to cool the heat sink in the vacuum chamber to make its temperature reach about 100k. By adjusting the output power of heating power supply of heating cage, the temperature range of - 180 ℃ ~ + 180 ℃ can be obtained in the vacuum chamber. This refrigeration method is suitable for large and medium-sized ring mold equipment with wide temperature range and high frequency.
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Pressure throttling type liquid nitrogen refrigeration environment simulation equipment

This equipment is a km2 level throttling liquid nitrogen refrigeration loop model equipment with pressure, which is mainly used to undertake the thermal vacuum and thermal balance tests of various aerospace products. The equipment has the advantages of fast temperature rise and fall rate, convenient operation, high reliability, and long-term stable operation. One set of liquid nitrogen system can be used for two sets of loop model equipment at the same time, and the liquid nitrogen recovery rate is more than 85%, which greatly saves the manufacturing cost and operation cost. Suitable for large and medium ring die equipment.
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Large-scale liquid nitrogen refrigeration environment simulation equipment

This equipment is a large-scale comprehensive ring model test equipment, including four functional chambers, i.e. the φ 3M equipment room, the φ 1.2m flight section, the φ 2.5m intermediate detection section and the φ 2.5m damage room. The total length of the equipment is 32m. It is mainly used for the ground end thermal vacuum test of the electromagnetic railgun.
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