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Beijing Zhongke Kemei science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a holding subsidiary of Beijing Zhongke Keyi Co., Ltd., an enterprise directly affiliated to the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the design, manufacture, sales and service of vacuum system integration products. It provides customers with integrated solutions and one-stop service for vacuum system, including the overall design, engineering implementation, design and implementation of vacuum integrated system Equipment installation, technical services, etc.

The company's main business is divided into four categories: space environment simulation system, inflatable recovery leak detection system, new energy vacuum application system and large scientific engineering vacuum matching. The company's customer industries involve aerospace, new energy (solar energy and nuclear energy), emerging equipment manufacturing, scientific research institutes, large scientific engineering, industrial coating, automobile manufacturing, electronics, low temperature, superconductivity, electrical testing and other fields.

The equipment manufacturing strength of the company has passed the ISO quality management system and CNNC supplier system certification, and has 3 invention patents and more than 30 utility model patents. It has participated in the implementation of national large scientific engineering projects such as Shenguang III, Beijing high energy synchrotron radiation light source, UHV Sutong Gil comprehensive pipe gallery project, Jiangmen neutrino detection and other national large-scale scientific engineering projects, leading in the vacuum field in China Technical strength.

Zhongke Kemei is committed to developing into a domestic leading and internationally competitive supplier of integrated vacuum system solutions to achieve common growth with customers!

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Beijing Zhongke Kemei Technology Co., Ltd