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Multi-purpose vacuum test system

The all-in-one machine type ring mold equipment is developed and designed according to the product of ACS, a foreign advanced thermal vacuum equipment manufacturer. The equipment integrates the vacuum chamber, vacuum unit, temperature adjusting table and control system into a structural module. It has the characteristics of compact structure, small space occupation, convenient transportation and beautiful appearance.
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The multi-purpose vacuum test device is a comprehensive system for testing the performance of a number of optical aerospace products. It is a supporting device in the research field of national large-scale optical Sky Survey and manned space station project. It provides a space environment with high vacuum, low temperature and cold black background for the multi-color imaging and seamless spectral sky survey camera of China's space station to do various optical performance tests on the ground.


Technical performance:


1. The size of vacuum tank is Φ 2500mm × 3000mm, connected with an optical expansion cavity of Φ 500mm × 2500mm;


2. Vacuum degree: limit vacuum degree ≤ 5 × 10-5pa, working vacuum degree ≤ 1.3 × 10-3pa;


3. Temperature range: - 75 ℃ ~ + 150 ℃;


4. Total leakage rate of the system: ≤ 5 х 10-9pa · m3 / S;


5. Pollutant content: ≤ 1 × 10-7g / cm 2 / 24h;


6. The equipment shall be provided with vibration reduction, noise reduction and anti-static treatment measures;

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