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Space environment simulation equipment is usually used for aviation and aerospace products to simulate the "cold black background" and "high vacuum" environment of space in the ground environment, and conduct various thermal vacuum tests, heat balance tests, low pressure tests, discharge tests, and long life tests wait for the test. The equipment structure mainly includes five parts: vacuum simulation container, vacuum guarantee system, temperature guarantee system, auxiliary system and control monitoring system. It has the characteristics of high automation, accurate temperature control, simple and convenient operation, and stable and reliable long-term operation. We can customize professional solutions according to customer needs: customize the effective size of the vacuum chamber according to the product appearance characteristics, determine the best vacuum pump combination according to the use characteristics, select the most suitable cooling method according to the temperature range, and provide a user-friendly operation interface, Comprehensive technical training and perfect after-sales service. On the basis of meeting the above-mentioned functions of the equipment, the equipment can be expanded according to special needs such as magnetic fluid sealing torque loading, quartz crystal microbalance test, quadrupole mass spectrometry detection, spectrum detection, and radiation calibration.
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Gyro Inertial Navigation
Series of ultra-high vacuum exhaust equipment and leak detection systems are widely used in gyro preparation processes.
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Large-scale scientific facility
Rich experience in vacuum design and excellent project implementation capabilities serve major national projects.
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New energy
We provide customized vacuum leak detection and vacuum coating equipment for new energy fields such as solar energy,etc.
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Electron optics, electric vacuum field
We can provide special coating equipment, ultra-high vacuum oil-free exhaust station, vacuum degassing furnace, brazing furnace and other equipment used in the fields of electronic optics and electric vacuum.
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Car manufacturing
Helium leak detection systems are widely used in automotive refrigeration applications, making automotive thermal systems more reliable.
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The application of helium leak detection in electric power makes the performance of high-voltage switches and electric insulation cabinets more reliable and safer.
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Other application areas
The application of helium leak detection in the bellows industry has greatly improved its reliability and accuracy compared to before, making people's lives safer.
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